There are many different ways that you can get involved in the campaign.

As a consumer

Did you know that there are now over 3000 Fairtrade products now available in the UK? they include cotton, flowers, coffee, juices, teas, fresh and dried fruits, chocolate, biscuits, honey, wine and beers. By incresing the number of Fairtrade products you buy, you are helping to make a difference little by little that all adds up. And what could be an easier way to make a difference than by what you put in your shopping trolley? If local shops, restaurants or cafes don't serve Fairtrade products, why not ask them to consider expanding their range?

As a retailer, wholesaler, cafe or restaurant

Did you know that sales of Fairtrade products has been doubling roughly every two years? And that according to The Grocer (Sept. '08), consumer loyalty to Fairtrade products is remaining high, in spite of the credit crunch? How about testing the water with a mini-marketing campaign to promote Fairtrade products to your customers? For links to catering and wholesale suppliers, look at

As a business owner

Did you know that there is now strong evidence that employee engagement contributes directly to the bottom line? And that one of the top five factors impacting engagement is employees feeling that they were making a difference? Increase the social responsibilty of your business by choosing to only purchase Fairtrade teas and coffees for your canteen or breaktimes. Engage your employees by nominating some of them to have Fairtrade as part of their role, and consider asking your staff if they would be interested in sitting on the Fairtrade steering committee for a year.

As a school

Did you know that becoming a Fairtrade school can contribute to other areas such as 'Every Child Matters', and supports being an Eco-school? You can make a start by using more fairly traded products in your staffroom, and you can use a wide range of learning resources to bring Fairtrade issues into the classroom, via geography, maths, global citizenship, drama... For more ideas, look at

As a place of worship

Did you know that as well as serving Fairtrade tea and coffe that there are plenty of other ways that you can make a difference? You can include issues of trade and justice into your worship and services - visit for lots of resources and ideas.